Monday, January 31, 2011

Glimpses from Pakistan "Khyora Salt mines"

Yesterday my family and i visited "Khyora " The second largest salt range of Asia ,a beautiful wonder of nature.

this is the electric train that took us about 1 and a half Km inside the salt mine

the fist thing that we saw in the mine was a beautiful" Badshahi Mosque of labourers" made up of natural salt bricks ,this mosque is 50 years old ,its called the mosque of labourers as it was basically made for the labourers who used to work and dig in to say their prayer inside the mine .

look at the depth of the mine and this is only the 11th floor ,this salt range has 60 floors from where renovations are taking place and the salt is being dug out for the daily use as well as making beautiful decorations pieces like lamps .

hubby feeling the texture of the wall

the "Wishing cave" its been said by people that who ever will lick the walls of this cave will get his/her wishes fulfilled ,don't know how true it is but the people have licked the walls of the cave really smooth :).

a huge model of Pakistan Tower made with natural rock salt.

this rock is formed by crusting of dripping salty water that oozes out of the walls and the roof of the mine,see the salt icicles above .

the mine has many ventilation holes this one is one of them its 60 thousand feet long ,due to these vents the temperature of the mine is constant at 18 centigrade in winters and also in summers . the man standing in front of the cave is our very down to earth Guide .

the entrance to the "Diamond cave "

the inside view of Diamond cave these are not real diamonds only transparent salt crystals that reflect the light and glitters like real diamonds ,this is all Natural formation this cave was full of water for hundreds of years and when the water was drained out this wonder of nature was discovered archaeologist say this type of salty rock formation is not possible to copy by humans .We all tried like hell to capture the real beauty of this cave but some how none of the cameras could capture the real site that we could actually see there :(

A shop out side the salt mines selling decorative items embellished with sea shells .

that's not all we bought some beautiful salt lamps which i will show you in the next post to come so stay tuned .


  1. Amazing and impresive photos, congratulations!!

  2. So amazing! I am claustrophobic, so I would never go down there, but thanks for sharing the pix!

  3. Those pictures are beautiful!

  4. Pakistan is full of natural resources and these salt mines are one of them.


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