Monday, August 23, 2010

treating a broken leg of birds

Last month on my birthday thats the gift i received from my hubby aren't they gorgeous ,what a beautiful gift .My husband knows that i just love pets so he got this pair of geese for me .

When hubby went to collect them from the owner one of the geese went through a horrible accident, in the attempt to catch them the female goose ran out of the house on the road and a car drove over her leg so she arrived with a broken leg to my home i was both happy and sad at the same time ,what i did was that i placed her leg between 2 ice cream sticks and fixed them around her leg with sticking tape ,gave her some antibiotics and amazingly with in a month she is all OK as you can see in the pictures

enjoying a romantic walk in our back yard

Sunday, August 15, 2010

my way of making a makeup roll "Tutorial"

A few days ago i was thinking to make some thing for my elder sister who lives abroad and i end up making a makeup Roll for her ,you will find many tutorials in the blog land for making a make up brush roll but the rebellion inside me urged to try one out my own way and to add a bit of a personal touch to it so instead of a brush roll i decided to make a MAKE UP ROLL. Many of you might think that may be its not the right way but the funny thing is that it turned out just great ,hears the tutorial.

first of all you will be needing 4 peices of fabric ,2for the outer part and two for the lining the larger peices will make the body of the roll and the small peices will make the pockets for the makeup.You will also need half a yard of some coordinating colored ribbon.

join the little pieces together fold and give it a top stitch.

put this prepared piece on the large lining piece of fabric ,mark the pockets according to the sizes of ur makeup stuff and stitch on these markings . Fold all the four edges towards the wrong side.

place the prepared pockets on the main fabric ,also fold all the sides of the main fabric towards the wrong side too,look at the pictures above!

pin these all together fold the ribbon in half and insert it in the right side secure it with a pin and top stitch all around the four sides of your make up roll.

ready to use


well the holly month of Ramadan has started so i decided to be fully honest with u people :)
there is one mistake i made as you might have noticed that i inserted the ribbon in the middle of the right side which gave me a result like this

not good :( the ribbon tie has to be in the middle ,so i had to pick up the stitches of this side and removed the ribbon from this spot and inserted it where the pocket starts and stitched again .

and this time i am finally happy with it .
if you want to see the tutorial for the makeup brush roll which originally inspired me then go to "Skip To My Lou" and see her tutorial
enjoy your crafting time ......
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Friday, August 6, 2010

You can't run away from death

Two days ago i had a very usual and busy day nothing special occurred except when i went out late night to open up the dog , i noticed some thing slightly white near my gate i went towards it and to my surprise it was a very pretty cute little pigeon i picked it up effortlessly which was a sign that he was not feeling well. I brought him inside the house gave him some water and bread crumbs which he ate very whole heartedly ,but i was totally confused that if he is sick then sick birds usually dont eat that eagerly but on the other hand he was really slow i showed him to my hubby he thought that may be he is really tired after struggling to scape a cat attack or so .... just let him rest ....

A thought did crossed my mind to keep him as a pet but my this love for pets is already converting my home into a mini sized zoo :) so i decided to just let him rest on our terrace which is totally out of the reach of cats and in the morning if he is feeling better he can fly away
the night was over and a brand new day started i opened up the terrace door .....AH! what a pleasant surprise the pigeon was not there which means that after rest he felt better and flew away ......... end of the story .

NO not really thats not the end of the story whole day long i had such a good feeling that i was able to help some one in need but then in the after noon when i went to our back yard to check our chickens and ducks my mouth was left open and i was totally speech less for a while that poor pigeon try to fly away and some how came down stairs and there Sasha our aggressive watch dog killed it ... all those good feelings replaced them selves with sadness and guilt that i shouldn't have placed him on the terrace ,but gradually as the time is passing i am realizing that no one can be blamed for this, i never wanted this to happen ,the pigeon was only trying to avail his freedom and Sasha the Villon in this story has an instinct to pray the only thing logical is that You Just Can't Run Away from death,it will come to you .

good bye little friend....


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