Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rose bud pony tails "Tutorial"

This is a quick and super easy project and i know by now you must have seen the process of making roses many times in many blogs but you know what every body has a different way of doing the same thing so i just wanted to share my way of turning an ordinary ribbon into beautiful roses :) i hope you find them as beautiful as i do ! ;)


  • Pony tails of any color of your choice i chose black as my daughter's hair are black and i wanted the roses to be obvious in her hair not the pony tails .
  • one yard ribbon
  • pins
  • needle and thread

grab the ribbon from one side and roll it for 4 to 5 times

now twist the ribbon and roll .

twist and roll again

keep on twisting and rolling the ribbon until you are satisfied with the bloom of the flower

keep on holding the flower in your fingers from the back part,

and now insert some pins through it to keep the flower in shape and hold the petals together

now once your hands are free just sew a few random stitches hear and there to secure the flower and then attach it to the pony tails ...................." thats it you are done " .

it hardly takes 5 minutes to make a pair of pony tails so you can make them in lots of colors for your kids or even for your self if you have long hair and you want a larger rose , then choose a more wider ribbon with a more large sized pony tails ........ if you make any do tell me i will love to show them off on my blog with your blog link ....

Creations by Kara

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Cockrel Attack.......

Have i ever told you people that we are keeping a huge flock of chickens in our back yard consisting 9 chickens and 2 cockerels well you must be thinking that 11 chickens is not so huge but let me tell you some thing when the ratio is 1: care taker to 11: care receivers then it is huge and specially when all the 11 have different personalities :) i am not kidding every bird has a personality of its own some are friendly ,some shy and some are aggressive like this guy we are having

This is Massimo the Alpha male of our flock who just love to boost around and show off his majestic beauty, running and chasing after other chickens with fluffed up feathers and walk in the gate of a proud king . Recently this proud king decided to boss the small sized humans too whom we in our language call " children" . A few days ago it attacked Khadeeja my elder daughter and that poor thing got so scared of the chickens that she just refuses to go alone in the back yard and then one day it charged at my younger daughter well thank God it didn't injure her as i was around ,i noticed that he is standing in front of her and sort of challenging her to initiate a fight that was quite funny well it angered me and i fired my shoe at him which didn't hit him but was quite enough to scare him off and he thought that this move was made by the toddler so he retreated and thats not all now he just don't have the guts to stand in front of the mighty warrior who is just 2 and a half feet tall :) as far as Khadija is concerned she is still scared of the dread full brown enemy but now she also has high defenses and goes to the back yard fully armed with a shopping bag full of all sorts of ammunition like shoes, sandals, baby slippers etc and use these according to the need of the situation and finally Mr.Massimo has learned his lesson that humans are definitely not his domain so better keep his bossing restricted to his own kind .

Well i must say Massimo is a very clever bird who realized very soon that who is the boss around other wise he might have to experience the human capability of transforming their chicken enemies into delicious dinners :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Easy sholder bag tutorial

A super easy quick shoulder bag with a flap .


  • Trace the shape of a roundish bag from some old hand bag which you or a friend of yours might have
  • cut 2 pieces of this shape from the main fabric and two from the lining fabric
  • 2 pieces from the main fabric for the flap
  • a titch button or Velcro

to make the flap place both the pieces of the main fabric on to each other facing the right sides and stich to make a U shape flap

turn the inside out iron and top stitch close to the seem

place this flap on the main fabric on the right side and now place the lining over it in such a way that the right sides of the main fabric and lining should be facing each other sandwiching the flap and stitch the upper straight edge

turn and top stich under the flap near the seam, join the main fabric and the lining in the same manner for the back too.

now place the front part and the back part of the bag on to each other (right sides togther) Lining to lining and the main fabric to the main fabric pin up these together and sew all around leaving a 2 inch slit open in the lining

use this slit to turn the inside out like this (see the picture below)

close the slit and tuck the lining into the purse and iron the bag

to make the strap you will be needing a long strip of fabric turn half an inch on all the 4 sides of the strip and fold in half ,iron and top stitch all around the edges .

attach the strap to the bag from the inner side . Add a magnetic clasp ,titch button or Velcro on the U shaped flap and the bag and you are all done

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sooji ka Halwa (semolina dessert)

ingredients needed
  1. semolina ................................................... half cup
  2. oil or ghee................................................half cup
  3. raisins ,almonds and coconut slices....... 3 table spoons
  4. water ........................................................1 cup
  5. coconut powder.......................................for garnishing
  6. sugar .........................................quarter cup or according to taste
  7. kaywra essence ........................... 2 to 3 drops (optional)
serves about 3 to 4 people


Put the oil or ghee in a frying pan along with semolina and stir fry until semolina is golden in color

Now add sugar and nuts and mix for 2 minutes

add water cook on medium heat and continuously stir the spoon until the water is dried up and the semolina starts gathering in the center of the pan and is no more sticky to the edges of the pan.

all done ,take out in a dish and garnish with coconut powder ....................enjoy

Sunday, May 9, 2010

LOOK what i got on Mother's day

Today started very much like a normal Sunday the only thing different was that my elder daughter KHADIJA (5 years old) got up early in the morning and asked me for a white paper sheet i thought that may be she want to draw some thing to play so i gave her one after a little while she gave me some thing that is the most beautiful gift that i have ever received in my whole life its my very first mother's day card with a shiny heart saying" LOVE U MAMA "
this simple expression of love and thankfulness from my little child not only boosted my mother hood spirit but also brought tears in my eyes to realize that my baby at this little age has grown so big to realize that my mom also needs to be appreciated ,LOVE YOU TOO my princess

My sweet daughter Khadija

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

mother's day printable cards give away

yepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i am sooooooooooooo happy to announce my first give away
the guide lines to enter in to this contest is as follow

thats right keep scrolling down

NAAAAAA NO GUIDE LINES its the mother's day the most generous and giving person in the world how can i ever arrange a contest for some thing that i have personally made just for all the MOMS in the world so friends its an open givaway every one and any one is a winner ;) , all you have to do is that just log in to arts crafts n hobbies select a card click on it and take a print out ,and if you want to email this to your MOM then just right click on the the selected card copy it and past it on your desk top and then upload it from your desk top into your email. have fun ......


CARD # 2

CARD # 3

NOTE : for personal use only .

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blog roll

a few days ago i became the part of button swap blog hosted by blogger Chix Designs the basic reason behind it is to grow the trafic of your own blog by simply helping each other you grab some one's button and they will grab yours if you also want to be a part of this blog hop then simply visit Blogger Chix Designs and follow the guide lines.

*Tip for having lots of buttons swap success - don't wait for others to come to you, go to them first!*

here are a few buttons that i grabbed and they grabbed mine too ,

Blogger Chix Designs

BWS tips button

Esbe Chic

I'm a full-time mummy

Mom's Misc Adventures


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