Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Cockrel Attack.......

Have i ever told you people that we are keeping a huge flock of chickens in our back yard consisting 9 chickens and 2 cockerels well you must be thinking that 11 chickens is not so huge but let me tell you some thing when the ratio is 1: care taker to 11: care receivers then it is huge and specially when all the 11 have different personalities :) i am not kidding every bird has a personality of its own some are friendly ,some shy and some are aggressive like this guy we are having

This is Massimo the Alpha male of our flock who just love to boost around and show off his majestic beauty, running and chasing after other chickens with fluffed up feathers and walk in the gate of a proud king . Recently this proud king decided to boss the small sized humans too whom we in our language call " children" . A few days ago it attacked Khadeeja my elder daughter and that poor thing got so scared of the chickens that she just refuses to go alone in the back yard and then one day it charged at my younger daughter well thank God it didn't injure her as i was around ,i noticed that he is standing in front of her and sort of challenging her to initiate a fight that was quite funny well it angered me and i fired my shoe at him which didn't hit him but was quite enough to scare him off and he thought that this move was made by the toddler so he retreated and thats not all now he just don't have the guts to stand in front of the mighty warrior who is just 2 and a half feet tall :) as far as Khadija is concerned she is still scared of the dread full brown enemy but now she also has high defenses and goes to the back yard fully armed with a shopping bag full of all sorts of ammunition like shoes, sandals, baby slippers etc and use these according to the need of the situation and finally Mr.Massimo has learned his lesson that humans are definitely not his domain so better keep his bossing restricted to his own kind .

Well i must say Massimo is a very clever bird who realized very soon that who is the boss around other wise he might have to experience the human capability of transforming their chicken enemies into delicious dinners :)


  1. Found you via SITS!
    I have chickens too.. I know what you mean by them not seeming like "a lot" but they are!
    I have 18!! And 4 ducks!! Which is just as bad as 30 chickens!!

    Following you now!


  2. Oh my gosh . . . LOL. Glad that Mr. M has learned his lesson. I love your daughter's arsenal.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  3. Funny post! I like your blog.
    Visiting from SITS.

  4. I love chicken pictures. Your post reminds me of my childhood. My abuela used to keep chickens in the backyard. The roosters would chase me and my sister. What a shame no one threw a shoe at them for us.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

  5. O poor thing. Im an adult and roosters freak me out. I will not go near them. I am also very small maybe this is why the roosters always stare me down and scare me. http://postpartumillness.com/?q=node/350


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