Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Correcting a mistake(a gift for best friend )

i wanted to make some thing hand made for my best friend on her up coming birth day and eventually decided to make a simple zipped vault i thought it will be really easy and quick to make so i did the whole cutting by total approximation with out taking any measurements and the result was this

A squarish thing ! didn't liked it at all :( but instantly understood what went wrong. It was too deep so got a squarish look which was not fascinating me too much .

I folded it a bit to check how would it look with less depth and it did look better in a rectangle shape but the problem is that i am not the kind of person who is sooooo patient to pick up all the stitches to open up a finished thing to repair, this is one of the step i hate in the process of stitching! so instead, thats what i did with the pouch to decrease its depth,

i turned it inside out stuffed my fingers in the corner and stitched across the red line in the picture, cut off the excess pieces and the result was ........

A pouch with a base :) it not only saved me from the pain staking process of opening up the bag to reduce its depth but also looked a lot better then a normal boring rectangle pouch .

i guess some mistakes do turn out good :)
Now my best friend will receive a make up kit bag instead of a vault :) looking forward to her birth day with full excitement :)

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Candy Giveaway at Crafts/Friends/Angels!

At the occasion of her birth day Theresa of CRAFTS/FRIENDS/ANGELS is having a huge give away

The GOODIES include:::::

3 Bunches of flowers
Assortment of Flatback Pearls ( my fav )
Assortment of Gems
Pearl Stems
Crystal Headpins
Glitter x 2
Craft Wire
Miniature stars
"Happy Birthday" Embossing board
Background Posy Stamp
Large buckles
Flower Soft


1. Become a follower of her blog
2. Write a post about the give away.
3. Leave a comment at her blog under the give away post.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wide bottle cap pin cushion Tutorial

A simple Project to turn junk into some thing beautiful and useful.

The stuff you will need is
  • a wide neck bottle cap i.e.(a jar of jam) .
  • some filling material
  • a fabric circle
  • scissors
  • lace to cover the sides of the lid
  • a button, fabric rose or some thing else to embellish the cushion
  • transparent Adhesive
  • needle and thread
place the lid in the center of your fabric piece and draw a circle that is 3 inches wider then your lid .Cut this circle out.

Tie a knot at one end of your thread ,slightly fold the edges of your fabric circle towards the wrong side and sew along .

Now care fully pull the thread just like when we make a yoyo and a pouchy shape will be formed fill this pouch with some filling material ! i am using Polly fill here, now pull the thread tightly and sew close the opening thoroughly by taking random stitches .

dont worry about the untidy look at the bottom as this side will hide inside the lid .

Put some generous amount of adhesive in the base of the lid and on the sides as well and place the fabric ball in it,

softly press the ball in its place and if you are not in a hurry then leave it to settle down for 10 minutes .

Cover the sides of the bottle cap with some lace with the help of transparent adhesive.

cover the joint of the lace with some thing like a fabric flower or button or beads !your choice, this will not only hide the rough joint but also embelish the the whole thing ,i am hear using a silk flower made by sticking together 5 circles of diffrent sizes with singed edges with a candle flame.

Thats it your pin cushion is all done add your little helpfull buddies (the pins)to it and enjoy your creativity :) have a nice day

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I wish all my readers a very very happy Valentines day ,may you all spend this day near your loved ones in the best of health . Ameen

Monday, February 7, 2011

give away "Every follower is a winner

Hi friends as you all know that its now more then one year since i started this blog as a hobby now its becoming a passion ,so at this occasion i decided to start a give away in which every entry will be the winner .....Hum you must be thinking that hows that possible! well friends where there is a will there is a way :)

OK lets show you what you will be winning in this give away

A very elaborated tutorial with 17 step by step pictures along with description, its made in Microsoft word .A perfect gift for your friends on this valentine's day.

Rules to enter
  • You have to be a follower ,new followers are most welcome :)
  • All the followers new or old must leave a comment down hear that they want the tutorial along with their email address ,I repeat "with their email address "so that i can send the tutorial to your in-box.
  • The tutorial will reach your in-box within the first 24 hours after i get your comment.
I am waiting guys :) best of luck

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A quick shoe refashion

I bought a black pair of canvas shoes a few days ago ,they are comfortable like hell but soooooo boringly simple ,so i worked out a quick 10 minutes refashion.

That's what my new canvas shoes looked like before .

i removed the tag sewn on it .

Doubled a strip of black velvet fabric and roled it into a Rosette , sewed it on top of the shoe with needle and thread and added a white bead in center ,I always prefer to sew my flowers on the wearable items as its much more durable then glue and it also does not damage the fabrics .
learn how to make rosettes in this tutorial

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