Wednesday, May 25, 2011

twisted rainbow wire rings

this is a random post about my first attempt on the wire jewelry .I found this rainbow colored wire in a craft store a few months back, at that time i had no project in my mind in which i can use these beauties. A few days ago my elder daughter wanted me to make finger rings for her and for her school friends ........... this was a difficult wish :( as i am not very good in jewelery making! I had to see a lot of videos on You-tube for this purpose and learned some basic techniques from there and then i remembered my rainbow wires.......... i was so overwhelmed with joy :)

and this is the final result .......

The most difficult of the procedure was to find a perfect cylinder shape to roll the wire on to get the perfect size for the tiny fingers ,luckily a ballpoint pen served the purpose :)

rainbow colors were perfect for the beautiful angel hands :)

I am not totally satisfied with this attempt of mine but my daughters are really happy to own their new rings :) and so long as they serve the purpose i am happy too ........ now i should be worried about my own fingers i have to twist and turn the wires for at least 8 more times to get 8 more rings for the school friends of my elder one :)

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lace brooch tutorial

Good day friends how,s life i am really sorry for such a delayed post ,today i wana share the tute of this cute little brooch with you ,i had a little scrappy piece of a very beautiful lace with me , it was so little that i could not use it on any clothing yet it was so beautiful that i didn't want to throw it away then this idea popped into my mind that lets make a brooch out of it and thats how i made it!...........

The things you will be needing
  • scrappy piece of lace
  • artificial flowers ( i am using the flowers i won in a blog candy by Theresa :) )
  • stamens
  • safety pin
  • transparent glue
fold your lace in a cress cross manner like a fan and then tie and sew in the middle with the help of the needle and thread .

now bring together the two open sides and sew or glue them together ( i am using needle and thread)do the same to the lower end too.

and you will end up making a round flower like shape ,

now comes the fun part cut off the stems from the roses and stick them to the center of the lace flower arrange and stick the the stamens and then glue the whole thing on the safety pin. I am using plastic pin which has a large plastic surface to accommodate hand made stuff .

Once the glue was dried i also stitched the lace with the pin for a more durable bond.

hope you like it ,by the way if you dont have the patience and time to make one and interested to buy it then click hear of details .

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

My first peasant top attempt

Hi guys hows life as we all know that summer is slowly stepping in our lives hear in Pakistan and the sweet sweet spring is saying its goodbyes! over hear the spring was still coldish so the children used to wear the same type of all covered up cloths but now when summer is hear light and cute dresses are back , so i decided to make some tops and frocks for my girls this is one of the first one i made for this season and followed the tutorial from indie tutes what a fabulous site ,this was my first attempt to make a peasant top but i am totally in love with it and i know i will make a few more too very soon , for this shirt i made the pattern my self but if you want you may also download the pattern from prudent baby blog that has uploaded a free printable phasant top pattern along with a step by step tutorial ,have fun ladies and enjoy making cute dresses for your princesses :)

soooo busy is destroying a leaf :)

an unwilling model :)

You can notice a joint in the center of the top please dont get confused my fabric piece was a long strip and i wanted to make an A Line top so in order to increase the width i stitched two pieces together but if your fabric is wide enough then you will not have to do that .....

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