Monday, December 27, 2010

Fresh n free water color print outs for New Year

I painted these water color still lives specially for new year eve ,you may use them to make some cute greeting cards for your friends and family ,

the floral vase

the cup of nature

These painted images are free to use for every one just dont use, forward or sell my work as your own .

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reusable paper gift bag

instead of wrapping your gifts in the expensive designer papers which eventually ends up in waste bins i think its a better option to put in a little effort and turn the paper into a beautiful gift bags which the receiver of your gift might like to use again .

here's the short list of supplies u will need
  • designer paper
  • a book
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • ribbon or cord of coordinating color

First of all select a book that you think is of the right size to contain your gift,put it on the designer paper and cut a rectangle that would be just enough to wrap the book

now fold one side about 2 inches deep length wise , place the book over the wrong side of the paper and start wrapping

apply the glue stick to one edge and paste it covering the book

here's how you will cover the bottom

after pasting both the edges length wise turn the corners towards inside and paste them.

this is how the finished bottom should look like

care fully slide the book out

the basic structure of your gift bag is ready ,

to make the bag strong enough to carry the weight of the gift cut out two small strips from an old X-ray film or transparency i consider this step very important as the whole weight of the gift will shift towards the ribbon or cord handles and your paper bag will rip off from the punch holes in no time ! and you definitely don't want that to happen .If you are using X-ray strips your bag is able to carry fair amount of weight in it ,but please dont forget its a" paper bag" after all :)

apply glue stick on both the sides of X-ray film strips and slide them in between the fold that we have created at the brim of the bag like this

apply pressure with your hands to settle the strip in its place ,do the same with the other side too and make holes with punching machine , make sure the wholes are punched in the X-ray strip's area.

now slide in the ribbons from the holes tie a thick knots on all the 4 ends, if you are still not satisfied then care fully staple the ribbons with the bag just over the knots that way the knots will not slip out of the holes, if you are using cords then you dont need to staple .

In case you want to make a lot of these bags and want to store them in a convenient way with out using much space then fold the bags in this way

bring the two edges of one side of the bag together like this creating a center crease

continue to fold

when you reach the bottom you will automatically have a triangle press along the arrows and fold the bottom on one side like this

This way you fold the bag flat without damaging its shape .

That's it you made your self a beautiful gift bag in 15 minutes

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Friday, December 17, 2010

"How i escaped from a monster"

Today was a religious holiday in my country so we woke up a little late then usual, when i was washing my face in the wash room i noticed some fresh bird poop on the basin ,my first reaction was... yuk !but then the other question that came to my mind was that who does it belong to and how and where it came from?
The answer was right over my head ,when i looked up at the exhaust fan a cute little bird was sitting over it who came inside from the exhaust fan's hole but then couldn't get out of it ,then it flew out of the bathroom and started struggling to get it self out of the bed room window ,my camera was near me so i took a few shots to share with u all

when i went near the window to open it she flew back and sat on our rocking chair

the poor thing was so terrified that all she could think was " this human is trying to catch me and eat me, that's it nothing good can be expected from them after all ".
I the monster some how managed to open up the widow and when i moved back she flew again to save herself from the scary human "God does this species ever get tired of chasing us "

out and free to tell her friends that how lucky she was today to dodge a wicked hunter who was trying to trap and catch it in her house and eventually EAT it it was not her time so she found a small opening in the home and escaped back to her family ,Happy ending!.......:)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fresh and free christmas printables

Christmas is soon to arrive so i made these printables for every one who is interested! hope u like them

click on the images to get the largest version......... and enjoy

how does it feel to be a leader

How does it feel to be a leader , some one who has a lot of importance! would it feel like heaven or being immersed in a pool of responsibilities well lets ask this from shy-guy
Shy-guy ! the most shy fellow of our flock.

Late Massimo

Late Massimo used to give him a very very hard time wouldn't let him eat when he was around the feeder wouldn't even let him walk boast fully :) and not to even think about a chicken oh no ....... that would be the last day you will walk with a head full of feathers ,and if you want to survive in the house then better stay away from all of us

but now its different ! pretty different ,finally the prayers of shy-guy got heard and Massimo is gone it was sure a shock for us the humans but for shy guy it sure was a day of joy ,No more bossing no fear of a bald head and soooooo many ladies around him its a pure heaven on earth for him ....
lets see how he proves to be as a leader now........

leader !yes i am but whats so wrong in being scared of rain :)


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