Friday, December 17, 2010

"How i escaped from a monster"

Today was a religious holiday in my country so we woke up a little late then usual, when i was washing my face in the wash room i noticed some fresh bird poop on the basin ,my first reaction was... yuk !but then the other question that came to my mind was that who does it belong to and how and where it came from?
The answer was right over my head ,when i looked up at the exhaust fan a cute little bird was sitting over it who came inside from the exhaust fan's hole but then couldn't get out of it ,then it flew out of the bathroom and started struggling to get it self out of the bed room window ,my camera was near me so i took a few shots to share with u all

when i went near the window to open it she flew back and sat on our rocking chair

the poor thing was so terrified that all she could think was " this human is trying to catch me and eat me, that's it nothing good can be expected from them after all ".
I the monster some how managed to open up the widow and when i moved back she flew again to save herself from the scary human "God does this species ever get tired of chasing us "

out and free to tell her friends that how lucky she was today to dodge a wicked hunter who was trying to trap and catch it in her house and eventually EAT it it was not her time so she found a small opening in the home and escaped back to her family ,Happy ending!.......:)

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