Saturday, December 11, 2010

how does it feel to be a leader

How does it feel to be a leader , some one who has a lot of importance! would it feel like heaven or being immersed in a pool of responsibilities well lets ask this from shy-guy
Shy-guy ! the most shy fellow of our flock.

Late Massimo

Late Massimo used to give him a very very hard time wouldn't let him eat when he was around the feeder wouldn't even let him walk boast fully :) and not to even think about a chicken oh no ....... that would be the last day you will walk with a head full of feathers ,and if you want to survive in the house then better stay away from all of us

but now its different ! pretty different ,finally the prayers of shy-guy got heard and Massimo is gone it was sure a shock for us the humans but for shy guy it sure was a day of joy ,No more bossing no fear of a bald head and soooooo many ladies around him its a pure heaven on earth for him ....
lets see how he proves to be as a leader now........

leader !yes i am but whats so wrong in being scared of rain :)


  1. Very cute post. Shy-guy reminds me of my late dog. Pitbull mix, supposed to be tough right? NO! He was terrified of the rain and all forms of water. =-)

    (SITS Sister)

  2. :) Viv i think shy guy knows that too by the attention of the lady chickens he gets


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