Thursday, January 27, 2011

The little culprit responsible for my absence

This is the sweet little culprit responsible for my absence from my blog from the last 10 days .
some 7 days ago hubby came back from work and entered the house with this little guy in his arms he found this stray on the street . Me and my daughters were so busy in our "ooooooos" and "Awwwws" that almost forgot that we were all strangers for him and he was quite uncomfortable. I picked him up and noticed that he was pretty injured too, most probably had a bad.. bad fight with another cat. Then all of the sudden it jumped off my lap and ran out of the house and out of our sight :( we all were shocked and sad any how life continued and the next day when i was going to drop my daughter to school i saw him out side my gate eating some thing out of the garbage bag with shivering paws in the cold i really felt sorry for him i softly went near him he was still was scared but didn't ran away so i picked him up and put him in my car ,dropped my daughter in school and brought him home .He was quite dirty, wanted to bathe him but i thought it would be too much of an experience for him and me on the first day so i added a few drops of anti bacterial into water socked a brush in it and cleaned its fur ,put some skin ointment on his wounds fed him up and gave him a basket with an old baby blanket to sleep in ,he slept for about 5 hours and when he woke up he was all so friendly with the whole family like if he was living with us for ages.

My daughter named him "Coco".It did took us all a while to settle down and get used to to each other but now Coco is a full time play mate for my girls and a furry friend for me to cuddle with in the morning when hubby and girls are away.


  1. Aw, what a cute kitty...and lucky, too, to have found such a loving family!

  2. :) thanks for reading the story there are more to come about how i controlled its diarrhea which he was having when he came to our house and how i potty trained it ...lots of yukky stuff :)but will share it as it will be help full for other cat owners


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