Friday, January 7, 2011

20011 brings a great news for the readers of arts crafts n hobbies

Before i break the news i would like to thank all the followers of my blog with the depths of my heart as they not only liked the blog but there appreciation urged me to find time from my busy routine for crafting and to continue to run this blog from the last one year.
Now lets tell you all the news ! I have decided to open an online shop on my blog . You may find hand made cards ,jewelery items ,or sowing and knitting projected in it at a very reasonable prices .
All these items are hand made and personally designed you will not find this stuff in the open market.
lets hope you like my stuff .


  1. Hey,

    I am also so happy to hear that.And,in fact,I am also interested in crafts.How about communicate more about it in the future?

  2. its too gud i like your blog yaar

  3. thank you Madhu Radha,srinu and recelin for the positive support :) i am so happy to have you all at my blog


i am anxiously waiting for your comments :)


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