Friday, April 9, 2010

Road side snap shots

Two days ago we had to go to Lahore for a very short trip, yes! we stayed in that beautiful and historical city just for 5 hours that we spent at a relative's house and then we came back at night.Its about 4 hours long journey to Lahore on the Motorway from my home city Islamabad , i knew it very well that i can't snap any photographs from the main Lahore city because of the little time we had so i took some road side snaps from inside of our moving car because of which you will see a lot of photographic mistakes sorry for that but even then i want to share them with you hope you enjoy them.

beautiful lush green trees on the road sides

Bake oven to make clay bricks
One of the worlds largest citrus regions ' The Sargodha Region'

A small glimpse of River Jehlum

some fields of ready to harvest wheat

trees grown in a slant of wind direction.

Passing from the bridge over dried up river Chinab


  1. I love those green trees!! Especially the "sideways" ones. Fun!

    here via SITS...have a great weekend!

  2. I agree with Tracie. Love the pics especially the sideways trees! Happy SITS Saturday!

  3. stopping by from SITS!!! Nice pics! where are you located?Stop by


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