Thursday, April 22, 2010

designing a toy cupboard

Well i think all of us who have children knows that even if you don't buy toys very often they still have a strong tendency to increase in number and the pile grows and grows ,more toys=more mess and its a Universal law that children love to have new toys they play with them and then they scatter them all over the house perhaps this is an essential part of playing and then they just go! leaving every thing where it is ,thinking that they have done their share of decorating the house in their own special way its such a shame that dads and some times even moms too does not appreciate such hard worked decorations .
I have only 2 daughters one is five and the other is 2 and a half and they just love to "decorate"the house all day long and the most pain full decorations are the small tiny toys which are so difficult to gather and pick up ,looking at all this i decided to make a proper cupboard for their toys instead of a large toy chest
I thought and thought............ a standing cupboard with partition will do good for large toys but what about the itsy bitsy stuff, we need a drawer like space to fill them with this tiny stuff but then if the drawers are filled up they become heavy and its not very convenient for kids to drag them open! after much brain storming i came up with this idea

a three feet tall cupboard with two small doors on the upper side and two sliding doors on the lower side

the upper chamber is for large toys or stuff toys and the second chamber is an opening to the lower chest like space so that small toys can be stuffed into it easily now you must be thinking whats the use of the sliding doors well ...............

in case the children have to find a specific toy or may be some day i decide to clean the cupboard for them we will just open up the sliding doors and all the stuff will come out automatically and my kids just love this automatic flood of toys out of the toy cupboard and they are also very happy to own a brand new cupboard designed and made just for them BUT still they continue to DECORATE the house :) well i guess thats also a fun part of living with young children they will make you feel their sweet presence in the house all day long :)


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  6. What a nice way to keep all those toys in one place! We are currently using our living room fireplace (has rarely been used) for toys. How can someone so little collect so many toys??? Keep creating!


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