Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowy the loving Bantam

The story of snowy starts from the day when one of my hens got broody. I tried my level best to get her out of her broody state but she was so determined to have a family so I and my husband decided to give her some eggs to sit on so we went to the local pet market and bought 5 bantam eggs .Bantam is a small breed of hens very loving and friendly they are great pets but not very good layers.

I made some necessary arrangements that included a separate compartment for the mother hen, placed the eggs on a cotton lined wide clay plate . I use the clay plate because it keeps the eggs in place and they don’t accidently roll out and get cold, a small feeder and a water container was also placed inside for the convenience of the mother hen and she was more then happy to adopt the 5 bantam eggs in the new house made just for her and her future brood. It was after 21 long days of waiting when I heard the first cheep of snowy inside the egg….. yes… you can hear the fully formed chicks inside the eggs some times u can even feel their slight movements in the attempt to break the shell then slowly and staidly he cracked the shell and out came a beautiful white fur ball !that’s why we named him snowy. He was the only chick that hatched the other four couldn’t make it .The arrival of Snowy was like a ray of happiness for my little daughters they just adored him. Snowy was just 10 days old when his mother got sick and died .the only company snowy had was gone and this little sole was left all alone to face this world and grow …. Alone …this fact made me really sad so I decided to buy another chick of the same age to give snowy some company. In the beginning snowy missed his mother like hell but then gradually he recovered out of the grief and started enjoying the company of his friend !now I was a mother to them both and they grew in my love so quickly in about just seven weeks Snowy and Shy guy (snowy’s friend) grew into baby cockerels. Shy guy was almost double the size of snowy because of the difference in their breeds but they always went along well with each other. Introducing them to our flock of eight grown up chickens was also an event ,as shy guy was easily excepted in the flock because of his big size and shy nature but snowy had a hard time he used to receive a lot of pecking from other chickens but he patiently tried and eventually he was not only excepted by the flock but he even started to bully some of the hens it was quite funny to see him doing that! imagine a small bird running after and pecking a hen who is double his size.With my daughters he used to behave like a lap cat he would just love to follow them play with them and to be fondled .we enjoyed snowy’s company for just 4 months and then one day he just vanished from our back yard what happened to him is he alive or dead no one knows ........................but i and my family still miss snowy like any thing.

See the video of snowy with his mum.

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