Tuesday, January 19, 2010

necessity is the mother of invention

                          We often find this statement so true in our lives , for years i was facing the problem of socked wet cloths after dish washing and doing laundry,i know! you must be thinking that whats so complicated in that why don't she wears an apron , as a matter of fact i did ,rather i bought over a dozen cloth aprons easily available in market ,but no matter how thick the cloth was no matter how beautiful it was it never served my purpose as the apron it self would get wet and then also damp my cloths .
         One day i saw some pretty expensive plastic aprons in a store i was so happy as if i have found a treasure and immediately purchased  it but i never realized that it was made up of very thin plastic and could not resist the heat of the gas flames  rather it was very dangerous to wear it while cooking and if i had to restrict its use only for laundry and doing dishes then it was really inconvenient for me to keep on changing aprons while working in the kitchen so my problem was never solved ,then one day i found a long piece of regzine(oilcloth or linoleum)in one of my closets and instantly a great idea flashed into my mind ''why don't i make an apron out of it'' .
    It only took 15 minutes to make my life so easy in the kitchen ,all i did was that i traced the out line of one of my usual cloth apron on the back of regzin piece then cut it out with the help of  scissors made four holes ,two on the sides of the neck line and two  on the sides of the waist lines then i took four equal length pieces of  matching color  cord and simply tied them through the holes so that it can be tied behind the neck and back .

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