Monday, January 25, 2010

removing ticks from your dog

This is Sasha our watch dog, we bought her Six months ago from a local pet shop she was just four months old at that time .This is our first dog keeping experience so i didn't knew much about dog care ,one day when i was fondling her while she was playing around my children i saw a strange skin colored growth in her neck hair at first i didn't bother as it was very small but then gradually it started to grow rapidly then i got worried and decided to find out what was going on it was when i examined it closely i noticed small black legs and a small head then i realized it was some sort of a bug which was feeding on my dogs blood i got really worried searched on internet and found out that it was a tick then after much research i found some ways of removing them from the dogs including burning them with a mach stick or applying Vaseline on its body to make them stop breathing and also freezing it with ice i tried every thing but it was not ready to leave the dog then one day i was discussing the matter with my elder brother he told me to simply pull the tick off with the help of tweezers. I tried it and really worked ,

Photo ©2000 Jim Kalisch, UNL Entomology - Family Ixodidae

let me tell you the procedure in detail

  • wear disposable gloves
  • with the help of tweezers hold the tick from its head which would be buried in the skin so try to dig in as much as possible then simply pull the tick away

  • if during the process the head of the tick is broken and is separated from its body then try to pull off the head again in the second try and put some antibacterial medicine on the wound i always use iodine it works fine .
  • once you are done with the procedure remove and discard your gloves and properly sterilize the tweezers .
  • you can avoid your dog from having ticks by not letting him roam about in long grass or bushy areas specially in summers and rainy seasons check your dog frequently for tics and if u find any remove them there and then don't wait for them to grow because when the tick is removed before it becomes engorged with blood, there is very little chance of it transmitting Lyme disease .
now after having some experience i am always ON CALL tick remover from family and friends :)

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  1. She sure is a cutie! Hope you got rid of all those nasty ticks. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    After the Storm


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