Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pencil Dolls

On plenty of occasions you want to give your child a special hand made gift wraped in your love but often the idea doesn’t cross our minds of what to make that’s easy ,less time consuming and will also not effect our budget !here’s a project that’s easy to make and your child will just love it, that’s a promise……..

For making these ball heads you will need ping pong balls, pencils permanent markers a small ball of wool (any color of your choice) .

Make a hole in the ball with the help of any pointed sharp object or may use a heated nail(work care fully when working with sharp, pointed and hot objects) now insert the back of the pencil in the ball .draw a face with any expression on it like a, happy excited or angry face draw what ever your child ask for, color the eyes with colored marker or paints what ever is available let it dry .

Now comes the turn of hair which i find the most fun part in the project ,

For making a girl’s ball head take a7 inch long card board peace and wrap it with wool. Put a rubber band width wise on the wool covered card board to keep the wool in place now cut the wool from both sides.

Care fully remove the rubber band and tie the wool strands in the middle and stick it to the ball with an adhesive don’t forget to put some adhesive at the back and sides of the ball to settle the hair properly around the face now you can style these hair according to your child’s wish ,you can make pony tails braids or just leave them open.

For the boy ball head wrap the wool on a 2 inch card board and cut it just like the hair for girl head now hold these small strands in hand and trim them finely . Brush the area fixed for hair on the ball with an adhesive, and then roll the ball in the wool trimmings the the trimmings will stick to the adhesive thus giving the impression of small hair.


  1. nice project erum my boy just loved these

  2. They are so cute!! My kids would love this:) Visiting from justsewsassy.com

  3. This would be such a fun craft to make with kids... Seeing the picture I guessed that you had used eggs... ;-) ;-)


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