Sunday, February 5, 2012

Upcycled Soda bottle dessert packs

Happy Eid Milad-un-Nabi every one (the birth day of our beloved and last Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H according to the lunar calender).
In Pakistan its a common practice to make or buy sweets to share with the neighbors ,friend and family on such special religious occasions .Usually people take these goodies to others either in some platters or dishes they own or in market bought disposable containers but both have some draw backs the Platters and dishes has to be returned so the receiver has to go through the trouble of emptying and washing them before returning and the disposable containers don't have to be returned but hear in Pakistan their rates are considerably high so to avoid these problems why not we up-cycle some thing that we all have in abundance and they usually end up in our trash cans YES you got me right i am talking about empty soda Bottles!


to make these you need 1.5 litter or 2.25 litter soda bottles remove the label and cut them app 3 inch below the the mid line .you can easily cut these with precision knives or scissors,

now cut the rim 6 times horizontally making six equal flaps (roughly 4 to 5 inches deep) be-careful with the depth of the cuts they all should be equal.

now at this stage fill up your container slightly below the lower edge of your flaps I am using the semolina desert in them (recipe available here) ,now comes the fun part start to fold the flaps inwards and create a crease by pressing it hard with your fingers

continue to do that with every next flap

in the end you will end up with a hexagon on the top of your container add some embellishment on the top like a ribbon Bow or some fabric flower ,over here i am using 3 different types of tissue paper roses is peach and light purple colour ....the camera is not doing justice with the colours in the indoor lights:(

That's it your up cycled soda bottle containers are all ready to be presented to your dear ones , so for the next time plan ahead and save some soda bottles for an occasion ,these would work great for the Birthday Party favors too :) .enjoy

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  1. Genius recycle idea.. Great job Iram.. :) thanks for linking up!

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