Friday, December 16, 2011

Empty Olive Oil Bottle Decore Tutorial

Good day friends ,hows life ,pretty busy routine for me as you all must have noticed by now by the little amount of posts i write :) .Today i wanna share a project of mine with you that i completed some 4 Weeks ago but never had the time to compile the pictures together and give it a form of a tutorial and blogger is totally in mood of playing games with me i am writing the whole post for the 2nd time :( although it was getting auto saved but even then every thing just vanished and only the first paragraph was left ARRRGGGGGG I HATE THAT :( ...any how whats done is done so lets take a deep breath let the anger flow out of me ! and i feel better :)...

lets tell you what are we going to need for this project

  • empty olive oil bottle or any other glass bottle
  • German white glue
  • jute cord
  • Round glass balls
  • and last but not least transparent water crystals

first of all thoroughly wash and dry your bottle , then put a generous amount of white glue on the neck of the bottle and on the middle front make two glue circles ,i am doing that on the engraved glass label in order to hide it .

OK now start rolling your jute cord on the neck of the bottle until fully covered and then cut off the access

now make two spirals about 1.5 inch wide and place them on the glue circles

now leave the bottle for 2 hours so that every thing settles down a bit ,

after this time rub some more white German glue on the cord with your fingers ,this step will not only make your just decoration more durable but it will also add a beautiful shine to it when it get completely dry and don't worry about the white appearance of wet glue as it will get transparent when it dries off completely also add the glass balls to the center of the spirals and leave to dry ,it will take about 1 to 2 days to get completely dry so be patient :)

Now comes the fun part that is adding water crystals these are easily available in decoration shops just add the tiny balls to water in a wide container leave over night and they will swell up almost triple their original size by absorbing water ,just fill up your bottle with these transparent crystals .These crystals will need to be soaked in water every fort night but i have experienced that if you put them in a narrow neck container like this olive oil bottle they don't need soaking even for the whole month .

thats it friends i hope you like this project

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  1. Slam
    how cute! Its beautiful & unique :) sometimes blogger disturb with its poor service,seems oops!
    Well apki health ab kesi hy or khadija & faria ki studies set jarae hyn :)

  2. well thank you Creative mind for liking the project and Alhamdulilah every thing is fine including my health :).

  3. I love what you did with the olive oil bottle.. The glass balls look so decent inside of it.. Thanks for linking up at craftionary..
    It's been a long time! How are you?

    1. :) thanks for liking Hani dear i am fine Alhamdulilah.

  4. I wish I had seen this before I threw away my last bottle of olive oil!
    Just read about your surgery. Hope that you're all better now. I've been as absent from the blogosphere as you have but am back now. THanks for dropping by my blog!

    1. I am much better now but still am not back to blogging as i want to but am trying :)

  5. Super creative! Found you from TT&J. XOXO Janean

  6. thank you Janean and Steph appreciation always boost up ur moral so much :)

  7. How cute and I love that you used clear marbles so light could come through! Saw you at Your Whims Wednesday and am following you now.

    1. thank you Daani for liking the project and following me its an honor :)

  8. I`m so happy to find this idea and your blog!!!Water crystals-wonderfull decoration and usefull, too.Goodbye to you:)):)):))

  9. Some really fantastic ideas here!

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