Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Faux Fish globe

Hi friend today i want to show you my brand new" fish home".

Well what do you think about it :) a fish container that does not need to be cleaned on a regular basis and a fish that needs no feeding ,no care, can be left out for a long period of time and would never become sick or will die because of the bad care ....Hummm like the idea :) ?

OK enough beating about the bush lets come to business and tell you how its made ,well guys this is the great idea of Jane lake and i found it one day just by chance when i was randomly browsing the net i loved the idea soooo much that i just got to make this one i bought all the materials needed from a craft store but unfortunately couldn't find a small round fish bowl so i bought this large glass as my fish container.
Things you will need to make this project
  • water crystals (transparent balls)
  • plastic fish
  • coral or sea shells
  • A container
for the detailed instructions and tutorial click here

my sweet little jelly gold fish ,yup its not made up of plastic its made with the same water absorbing jelly like material from which water crystals are made ,now they are easily available in a large variety of colors and shapes originally they are quite tiny but when soaked in water they swell up almost double their original size.
You can actually see the round water crystals at the top near the brim of the glass !actually the catch behind this is that these transparent crystals disappear when submerged in water so the fish placed in them seems to be swimming in the water .

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  1. Erum Aapi you did great Job :)
    This is amazing no doubt,I have a real aquarium at home & i know very well that its a tough duty to clean it & protect it from fungus & insects..then take care of fishieeees in winter season ..really its kinda duty..but this tiny miny aquarium is just awesome..
    by the way i did some gel candle work & i place some ceramic dolls in it,i will take the picture of that candle & will try to post it any day :)

  2. ohh sorry i write the wrong spell,actually my sister name is also Erum but she write it with "E" well sorry but meaning is the same!!
    Love :)

  3. well thank you Khadija :) no problem with the erum !with an E , i kinda like it

  4. I love this!!!

    Found you via the Create With Joy Linky Party!!


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