Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chinese character in stain glass

Hi friends hows life ! today i wana share a stain glass painting with you all that i made some 8 years ago this is the first painting i have ever tried in glass painting and also the first painting i did after my marriage, my awsome mother inlaw was alive back then and she liked it alot ,mind you friends she was a great crafter her self excelent in stiching and knitting and really good in oil painting and wood crafting some day i will show you her creations ,a really nice person but its so sad that you loose great people like her so soon she died just after 1 and half year of my marriage! one of the reasons this painting is really dear to me is that it has so many memories related to her .

I saw this character on a miniature wooden decoration screen that belonged to my mother in law. I drew and enlarged the image free hand on a paper and then transferred it on the glass .

I have used crystalline blue and purple color in the dress where as milky white in her skirt,handkerchief and in her face.The painting is outlined with golden lead,in the beginning i wanted to frame this painting but hubby suggested that it would look much better unframed if you place it on a wooden holder and frankly now i am quite happy with the result and i just love the way it creates a shadow on the wall behind it :) .Oh totally forgot to tell you that the wooden holder its placed on is hand crafted by my mother in law :) amazing isn't it ! yup she sure was a talented lady and this painting has so many memories related to her may her soul is blessed in heaven Amin .

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  1. lovely absolutely exquisite ~ Thanks ~ Following you from a Terrific Thursday Blog Hop ~ Come by and visit ~ I have 2 blogs if you get to this one A Creative Harbor you can get to the other also ~ namaste, Carol

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  4. Hi Its wonderful sweet aapi,i like it :)
    glass painting is always funnn

  5. thank you khadija :)for liking it

  6. thanks johnnie its really sweet of you :)

  7. Dear,

    This is the first time I come here and I find that I've fallen in love it!

    Just hope to know more about you!

  8. thank you Ricelin its an honor for me dear :)

  9. wow, this is beautiful! I can't believe you drew it freehand, I suck at copying things just with my eye and I'm so jealous of people who seem to have no problems with it.
    thanks for linking up at creating success around the world! :o)

  10. What an amazing picture - and such lovely memories associated with it! I'm loving all your creativeness here and am now following you!

    Thanks for linking to the Creating Success Worldwide blog hop!! Hope you'll come back again next week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  11. This is beautiful! I admire people who can paint. I think you are so talented!

    Janelle (Of Pinks and Fairy Tales, visiting from the Creating Your Way to Success blog hop)

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