Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"A Thing Of Beauty award" for my blog

I am feeling so lucky today to let you all know that Dr.Sonia of cards,Crafts and kids Projects have nominated me for this sweet award

Thank you so much Sonia for this sweet gesture it sure made my day beautiful ,its the praise and appreciation of people like you who give me the push to do more every day .I am a home maker, a mama of two little girls and a cat i have very little time to craft or paint or draw but these are the passions i have from my child hood and these are the hobbies that keep me sane ,happy and satisfied so some how i manage some time out for these activities,by profession i am a speech and language pathologist yup! thats something you didn't know about me before :) ,so in this busy routine a few moments of crafting is the time for my self and i enjoy every second of it

I forward this award to the following great blogger

To accept the awards:
  • Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award
  • Pen down a few things about yourself.
  • Pass it on to talented bloggers


  1. Dear,

    Congratulations!Your blog is really so good and I like it too.Cheers!

    Hermes bags

  2. Hi iram,
    Thanks for the award.. I have placed it on my blog! :) love hani
    Have a great day

  3. Hello. I see that someone has passed one of my awards on to you. I always enjoy seeing where the awards ends up. Would you please take a look at the Rules of Acceptance for the award called, "A Thing of Beauty". There are 4 points that each recipient agrees to do by accepting the award. Somewhere along the way, these points have not been presented clearly. Here is the link that explains the award, "A Thing of Beauty":
    Thank you in advance for correcting the link.
    Grace Baxter, designer of "A Thing of Beauty" blog award, "Simply Inspiring" blog award, and "Simply Ingenious" blog award.


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