Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 minutes flat Sandle's Revamp

Good day friends ,hows life , i am so angry on my self for not being able to be a good and regular blogger ,may be my Gall bladder(removed by surgery)has taken away my punctuality with it :) but the good news is that the creativity inside me is still very much alive so we have HOPE! :)
ok enough beating about the bush lets get back to business a few days back i was enjoying the shopping trip with my elder sis and found some really cool woven flat sandals and they were at a quite reasonable price with lots of potential in them .

So with out secont thought i brought them home and decided to embellish them with simple Kanzashi flowers which i once learned from a Korean friend of mine Miss .Enjang Park .I still miss her at times such a sweet girl :).

I selected this slightly stiff peach color silk fabric and created the two beauties ,its slightly difficult to work with silk in flower making but its worth the shiny look ,for the center i used these fancy peach color buttons which i already had since a long time waiting in my craft box to beautify some thing and yesterday was their big day.

the straps are wide enough so they gave me sufficient area to settle the flowers on them in center with the help of hot glue ,and TADAAAAAA all done some really trendy looking flats are waiting to be worn :) hope you like this simple revamp .


i am anxiously waiting for your comments :)


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