Monday, October 31, 2011

Manicure roll in fabric

Hi friends hows life ,today i wanted to share some thing that we have already talked about in quite detail a while ago but today it has a brand new purpose,how many of you (like me) notice a cut in the cuticles (out side your home) but can't do much about it since you don't have the proper equipment to handle the problem ,or a small crack on the side of your nail that can be easily stopped from extending and breaking the whole nail apart but ! again ,don't have a nail cutter ready with you while sitting and waiting in the car , or when you have some free time in some gathering ,when you are not the focus of attention !

keeping all this in mind i designed a small fabric roll for the essential manicure tools that can be folded in a Small cylinder and you can easily store it in your hand bag and take care of your hands and nails when ever you are free, i love the way it turned out, every thing has its own pocket keeping every thing in place

wanna make one your self? :)
click this tutorial of mine ,it takes hardly an hour to finish and make your life easy and your hands will love you for this effort.


  1. very interesting Tutorial, now I need this organizer..hehe
    well keep posting sweet aapi!!

  2. This is really cute and could have tons of great uses too.
    I'm giving you the Liebster award for up and coming blogs. You can see my post to learn more.

  3. Hey there!
    Great project! I love the fabric too...
    I'm a new follower! i found you through Kat's list of Liebster award winners! Congrats!

  4. awwww thank you every one for the sweet comments and Kat for the award its such an honor :)

  5. Great job! I made an organizer earlier this year... they make awesome gifts!


i am anxiously waiting for your comments :)


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