Friday, September 16, 2011

Back to my blog after the surgery :)

Hello dear readers! i know, i know, some of you must be angry on my long absence and some would have forgoten about "arts crafts n Hobbies",but still i am thank full to all of you that you stayed and waited with patience so for the friends like you all deserve some explanation and may be a glimpse to what happened ok lets start i have never mentioned these things on my blog before as its a craft related blog so i always considered the matters related to my SELF as un relevent ,any how guys i had gall stones (stones in my Gall blader) quite some time ago well 4 years to be more exact but they got diagnosed a few months back ,the impared functioning of my gall bladder was causing reapeated ulcers in my stomac also known as (Peptic ulcers)which are very pain full and now when the stones were discoverd in an ultasound i was suggected to surgically remove my gallbladder which was causing my repeated episodes of extreme pain ,so friends here's the news guys i have had my surgery and i am back almost recovered last few days were quite pain full but now things are getting back to normal :) so no more absence from my blog now :) ,this post was just to thank you all to bear the absence with me .


  1. We were missing you dear!!!
    Welcome back on blogging.. Well i hope now after surgery you are feeling well n better, bunches of prayers for you!!
    Take very good care of yourself :)
    Lots of Love!!!

  2. thank you Khadija some how i believed that u will be the first one to comment on this post :)

  3. So glad is over, now you just get well and we will still be here!!
    lotsa luv

  4. Welcome Back and take care . wishing you speedy recovery!


i am anxiously waiting for your comments :)


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