Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Wash Basin Tap Revamp

Hello dear friends how r u all ,today's post is a simple idea to improve the look of old wash basin Tap Valves .No! dont have to be a plumber for that, neither you need heavy tools like giant sized ranches ,screw drivers etc ,all you need is a some news paper and some spray paint thats it .
Wana know how to do this ?

OK hears the embarrassing "before picture" of our wash basin Tap some how the moisture and dust have entered in between the two layers of the valves giving it a very ugly and dirty look and the interesting thing is that it can not be disassembled or opened so that we can clean it out :( now the only solution left is to change the tap valves but unfortunately its an old design and spare parts are not available for this one so we either had to change the tap it self or just keep it as it is but i was not happy either way so thats what i did.

I tore long strips of news paper dipped them in water and then warped the tap stem and covered the area of wall and basin around the tap .The reason i dipped the news paper in water was that it makes the wrapping really easy and manageable, that not all wet news paper would temporarily stick to what ever surface it comes in contact with so it was really easy to cover the back wall and parts of basin.

Dry the valves with tissue paper and spray paint them with the coordinating color with your sanitary,let dry for half an hour and give it an other coat of spray paint and again leave to dry . Remove the news paper,if some paint accidentally leaked through the news paper ,no worries ! it can be very easily rubbed clean with paint Thinner.

there my new clean tap valves :) hope you liked them too!


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