Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fish glob dry arrangement

Good day friends how r u all :).Well as you all know its the month of Ramadan and Iftar Parties are on,and yesterday we had one at my place so while cooking and preparing for the
Iftar i was also decorating our sitting area which have a beautiful triangular fire place .There used to be a fish glob settled there with real gold fish in it once! and they use to look so pretty there adding life to room but sadly they died and after words we bought many more goldfishes but some how none of them survived in the glob so we had to let go of the idea :( but yesterday suddenly this new decorative idea popped into my mind that why dont i arrange a bunch of artificial flowersinside it, so after some trials i was finally happy with the
presented look :) how do you find it ?

all i did is that i bend the stem of the bunch and taped it with the marble surface and inverted the fish glob over it .To insert the bunch inside the globe i softly hold the flowers and leaves close to each other so that they can pass through the tiny opening of the glob without damaging the shape of the bunch.That was the main part and then to add some more interesting look to the arrangement i added some cones and a dried root to it

i found these cones (and these are not pine cones) in NathiaGali a beautiful hilly station near Maree and frankly i still dont know the name of the tree they are from :)

and this snake like root along with another one was found in a dam in my city they were full of mud but i loved the look of it so brought them home washed and painted some wood varnish over them .In my next post i will show you another easy arrangement that i made with the other root .So stay tuned

You may also use some thing else to decorate the surroundings as for example some lacquer sprayed pebbles of different sizes or may be glass pebbles or some corals and sea shells it totally depends on you and the colors scheme of your room ........ have fun :)

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  1. Happy Independence Day!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful decoration :)

  2. happy independence day to you too Khadija

  3. MashaAllah Wonderful idea. I think I would use a more contrasting color of flowers. This gives me an idea for Googling.:D

  4. thank you Simplyme and frankly i fully agree with you! contrasting color flower would look a lot better and full of life ,actually i used what was already in hand :) as had no time to go to market and buy a new bunch on the day we had invited family and friends On Iftar :)but yesterday i was thinking in these terms and may be you will have an update on this post soon .Thank you for the sweet suggestion


i am anxiously waiting for your comments :)


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