Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fused light Bulb decore tutorial

hi friends ,hows life ? Today i will share an easy projects that is totally about up-cycling junk :)

The Junk you will be Needing :)

  • A fused light bulb

  • an empty small tape Roll

  • gel flower or any other shape (fish snake ,corn etc) these are easily available in craft stores these are made from the same material as the water crystals are .

  • scrappy strip of fabric or ribbon (not shown)

  • some embellishments! i used flat back pearls (not shown)

The procedure is really very easy all you have to do is to carefully remove the metal base of the bulb and softly break and pull out the tube inside the bulb it will need some practice but on 4th or fifth try you will know what to do.
Now squeeze and insert the gel flower in the bulb !dont worry its quite elastic it will not break .

fill up the bulb with water and leave for a night.

To make up the base! cover the tape roll with ribbon or fabric strip by sticking one end of the ribbon with the roll and then wrapping it all over and securing the other end with transparent glue, stick on some embellishment onto it (optional).

after the night the flower will absorb water and swell up atleast 5 to 6 times then its orignal size, remove excess water from the bulb clean it from the out side and place it on the base you have already prepared ,thats it friends all done enjoy:)

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  1. Wao..i like it.. from junk to a cute decoration! hmmm
    well aapi tell me aap ny ye gel flower kahan sy liay, pindi ya Isb me kis shop pe available hongy? such a cute flower!

  2. they are usually available on craft shops or decorative item shops ,the shops that sell water crystals usually have them too .

  3. excellent... very nice idea. i will try this with my son. thanks for sharing

  4. I think that is a great idea :) it looks so nice!

  5. this is really really pretty!! I wonder where I can get gel flowers here?

  6. thank you Rapuncela and Janella it is a very ordinary thing you should be able to find it is any decorative items shop ,these are made with the same material as "Water crystals "are (small beads like balls ,when you soak them in water they swell up and they come in many colors )usually this stuff is "made in China " .I hope this information helps you :) best of luck

  7. i'll try this, but i'll use a colory sand instead of flower, should be nice too... (:

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