Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little bit of sewing for my self

Good day friends i know its been a long time i haven't added any post to my blog ,my apologies for this neglect towards my blog actually little Faareen has stared going to school because of which i was a bit too busy but now she is almost used to to the routine so i am also back with you guys .Yesterday i had some free time when both the kids were gone to school so i decided to finish a long time pending project , "I wanted to make a BUTTER CUP bag for my self "here's the final result.

cute isn't it i just love the way it turned out ,thanks to" Rae " who is generous enough to give a free PDF pattern for the bag in her web site,to go to her full tutorial and get the free PDF pattren click hear.

there are a few changes i made in the bag:

  • i increased the size of the original pattern as it was too small for my needs ,how i did it ? well pretty easy i took a print out of the original pattern and then enlarged the image by a photo copy machine ,Clever isn't it ! :)
  • instead of a magnetic button i added a zipper in the lining , as i always feel more safe with the zippers .

  • Instead of adding decorative buttons in the mid of the top strip ,i hand stitched a huge rose bud made with the same fabric.I just doubled a long strip of the fabric and folded it into a rose shape and added a sky blue bead in the middle ,you can learn to make a rose bud by reading this tutorial

  • As i increased the size of the bag , i knew it that it will have a floppy look ,to avoid this i added a very thin sheet of foam between the lining and the outer fabric to get a more padded and stiff look.

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