Sunday, October 24, 2010

Festive dresses for little girls part .1

Eid UL AZHA (a festive occasion for Muslims )is approaching ,so i decided to give you all some ideas of how to give a festive look to a simple dress at home your self ,the sequences , shiny ribbons and laces used are very easily available in Pakistan but i am sure that there must be some craft stores or shops where these things would be available in your area too .
This is a very simple and basic frock with a front button placket .A fine shocking pink silk fabric is used .Its embellished with golden , green and red Gota strip (a kind of shiny ribbon)Gota flowers and mirrors.

A close up of the neck line ,this is all hand work done with needle and thread.

this is the back side of the frock ,a simple running stitch is used to attach the gotta strips and flowers, the mirrors in the center of the flowers are hot glued.
Although the flowers and petals used on this frock are purchased ready made from the market but you can make them your self too by simply stitching one side of a ribbon or gota with running stitch and the pull the thread to make a flower .
Following are the pictures from one of my older tutorials in which the same technique is used to make ribbon flowers

cut off the access ribbon and secure both the ends with needle and thread and then you can hot glue a small round mirror in the center .

A line of tussle lace is attached to the frock in the waste line .

the same zigzag pattern with flowers and petals is repeated on the bottom too.

This dress took only two hours to complete but the satisfaction i got by the look of the glowing and happy face of my daughter dressed in it was enormous .

Stay tuned for another beautiful festive dress in PART 2.

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  1. I wish a had a little girl to dress up! I love my son but, he mostly wears overhals and t-shirts.

  2. Assalamualeikum!! Thanks for checking out my blog and following it. I really like these dresses, they are very cute :) Mashallah :)

  3. Dear,

    Nice dress and may I have a try on it?Hehe.
    And you can also come here and know wanna about
    Chinese clothes


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