Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Festive dresses for little girls part 2

Sorry for delay ,but the good thing is that we still have 13 days left in Eid ,hears an other simple dress embellished with laces pleated ruffles and golden iron on sequences.
the front has a separate body attached to a pleated lower with ruffles on the arm holes and bottom of the dress.
the back is plain with a separate body and a A line lower part.

the lace seen on the belt area and on the middle of the body was first stitched on a black ribbon and the it was sewn on the frock ,3 ready made silver ribbon flowers are placed in the middle of the false button placket

golden iron on Sequences are placed in the middle of the polka dots only on the body area .

i made this dress in about 4 hours the real time consuming task was pleating the ruffles but i am very happy with the end result, what do you think ?

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  1. I love the ruffle details! Please add this to my linky party (and GIVEAWAY!)


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