Monday, July 19, 2010

Be aware of the neck collar sores in pet dogs

About an year and a half ago when we bought Sasha, she was just four months old and with a lot of behavior problems .At pet shop she was really upset with a complete stranger(the shop keeper) so she tried her best to free her self and in this struggle she learned how to slide her head out of the neck collar so the pet shop owner had to tie the neck collar as tight as possible to get hold of her .The wise shop keeper who was very much willing to sell dogs never realized that he is in a desperate need of a cage to hold such big and power full animals,it also took me a while to learn how to control her but once she realized that i am the friend she is the most loving pet i have ever had (look at the sweet look on her face when i am patting her head ... trust me she does not look that sweet all the times :)........) .Sasha is my first ever dog! had no previous experience of dog keeping .The second day when we brought her home i realized that when we try to get hold of her by the chain that was attached to her collar she would become very rest less and would behave very strangely i had a feeling that may be her neck collar is hurting her so i opened it up ....Oh my GOD .....that was the most pain full sight i had ever seen,the poor thing was having a big soar on her skin under the collar ,the tight collar caused continues trauma to her skin and eventually became the reason for the injury, we had to remove the collar and kept her on our covered terrace , treated the injury with skin ointments ,gave her anti biotics in milk (thanks to my hubby who is a Doctor) and she was all well in 2 weeks .

Sasha is our watch dog and is quite aggressive too, with young kids around we have to be care full and have to tie her up from time to time but now we take care of the following 2 rules
  • the collar should be loose enough to rotate in the neck of the dog .
  • take the collar off every night so the skin have a chance to recover naturally .
Sasha is 1 and a half years old now and just by observing the above simple rules she never had a neck collar injury again . :)


  1. What a cute dog! I have to say I love animals, and they love me too! but can't have any, one of my kids and I are allergic to dogs, cats, etc. it stinks, because we had to give up our last dog because of the allergies....take care of your dog and love her very much, dogs are amazing!

  2. oh that must have hurt like hell to let your pet go like this :(

  3. Aww that really does sound sore. Glad you figured out the problem and well done for sharing the tips. I think about getting a dog sometime, maybe when the boys are a little older. You're brave to look after two little ones and a new pet!

  4. I'm a new follower. Love all your postings.

  5. Cute pup! Good advice about the collar.


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