Sunday, March 28, 2010

Transforming an old drawer into a shoe rack

This is a drawer form our old bed room cupboard which we had for spare for quite some time its 1 foot deep and 3 feet long !a few days ago a marvelous idea poped into hubby's mind that why don't we make a shoe rack out of it and trust me it was not difficult at all ,all we did was that we removed the handle and filled the holes with the filling material that is made by mixing equal quantities of wood glue with chalk powder (the white spots you can see in the picture ).

then we fixed four panels into the drawer to make 5 chambers the upper two chambers are kept a bit narrow for children shoes and the lower are slightly wider for adult shoes.

now we covered the raw edges with framing strips with the help of wood glue and tiny nails .
that's it the shoe rack is complete and just need a few coats of paint.

after 3 coats of dark brown paint and 1 day for drying we placed the shoe rack in our lounge in a corner which was always crowded with shoes before as no shoes are allowed on the carpet in our house :)

you can also make a rack out of a square or a wide drawer all you have to check is that it should be deep enough to hold the shoes, and if its not deep enough to hold adult shoes then you can make a shoe rack for children out of it .
As always think creatively and nothing will seem to you as a piece of junk .


  1. Very neat. Great job!!!

  2. cool! Stopping by from SITS!

  3. Great Job isnt it great when you re-purpose things doesnt do much damage to the bank acount LOL
    Stopping by for SITS

  4. Great idea. Now, that I think about it I've seen people throwing things out that would make great shoe racks with a little bit of work. I'll have to keep my eyes open.

  5. Great job. I love seeing items transformed! Joining you from SITS!

  6. Now there's an idea! :) I need a stackable shoe storage thing in my cupboard, it'll save so much space!

  7. Thank you so much for compliment, I really impressed by your work and had share your blog with my Facebook friends, They also admired your work.
    Really this is a great technique to reuse wasted stuff.
    Masha Allah you are very talented woman.
    May Allah bless you always.


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