Saturday, February 13, 2010

even potatoes have hearts

Happy Valentine's day every one, today when i entered the kitchen with an aim in my mind to make some french fries for my daughter i had a very sweet surprise ,while selecting the potatoes for fries from the potato bin I found a heart shaped potato well not very regular in shape but it does resemble a heart .
The thought that came into my mind while looking at this miracle of nature was that how u perceive things totally depends on your mood and whats going on in your mind .In the spirit of the celebrations for valentine's day thinking and deciding gifts for my hubby and daughters i discovered a heart shaped potato which other wise i might not even have noticed and probably the poor thing would have been converted into some crispy fries with out been recognized but now thanks to the love in air ... its immortal as the whole world will see it as some thing more then a potato (lets hope the whole world will read my blog some day and the prayers of THE POTATO will be heard) :-) have a nice and happy day every body .


  1. LOL. How cute. The universe is telling you to have a lovely day. :)

    Stopping by from SITS.

  2. It's like a love note from God in your potato sack! Happy SITS Satuday Sharefest!

  3. That is precious! Hey, you might be able to sellit on eBay~lol! Happy SITS Saturday!

  4. Actually, pretty darn ironic, and funny! Thanks again for visiting my blog! Loved your printable cards!


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