Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easy pillow covers tute

I had this fabric for quite some time but some how it was away from my sight so i forgot about it , yesterday i found it in a cupboard and was totally in love with the print once again and i remembered how this fabric caught my attention in the fabric store all of the sudden and i bought enough to make a bed sheet with pillow covers,

pillow covers are really easy to make
for example the length of your pillow is 20inches then that's how you will cut the fabric
double the length of your pillow and add extra 5to7 inches and width of the fabric will be kept enough to occupy pillow inside the cover easily .

now with the wrong side up fold your fabric in double, measuring it to fit your pillow(20inches) leaving the extra 7 inches on one side

now fold the extra 7inches over your double folded fabric and pin up

now stitch the sides turn the pillow cover inside out and slid in your pillow and that's it all done !

the 7 inch fold you created would automatically go inside and it will help to stop your pillow from slipping out of your cover if you want you may also add a titch button in the middle of the opening

sweet dreams :)


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  2. I think I can make it by myself and send it as the gift for my friend,who is going to marry in the coming October~

    herve leger

  3. Surprisingly, I've never made a pillow cover! Need to get on this project ASAP! Love how yours turned out!


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