Tuesday, June 29, 2010

very basic fabric Table mats

well hears the tutorial of the very basic matching table mats with the triangle corner table runner as promised

material needed
  • thick fabric for the top
  • coordinating colored fabric for lining
  • sowing machine

first of all cut two rectangles equal in size ,one from the main fabric and other from the lining material.
put the lining over the main fabric (right sides together )and stitch all around the four sides leaving a 3 inch wide slit on one side,

using this slit turn the inside out

now is the time to close the 3 inch wide opening ,for that we will turn the edges of the slit inside and iron it to form a false seem

now give a top stitch all around the four sides of the table mat this would close the slit and also give the mat a more stable look .You can follow the same instructions to make oval ,square or ever round fabric mats .That's it ... all done !

hears the final look :) hope you love it as much as i do
if you are interested the tutotrial of triangle corner table runner (placed in the middle of the table in the picture above)then click hear

Monday, June 21, 2010

" What happened to my BLOG"... a terrifying experience

A few days ago i tried to open up my blog, i signed in .....my page opened up but whats this ...... when i hit the Dashboard button some one else s dashboard showed up! in a surprise i closed the window and tried to sign in again but this time again another dashboard appeared boy wasn't this a full of worries day ,it almost broke my heart to realize that i might lose all my hard work hear and if some one else's dashboard appears before me this means other people are able to open up my dashboard too and what if some one missuses it, it i was really disturbing.

I felt a great relief to find out that it was not allowed to make any changes through the dashboard belonging to others this means thats the blogs are safe and can't be misused thanks to the strong security controls of Google and blogger and then another funny thing appeared when i tried to make some changes in my own blog every thing worked just fine but none of the changes were published in the blog and for the very reason i tried to make some test posts which you must have seen in your dashboards they were published but i could not see them hear in Pakistan ,I emailed blogger ,checked out the discussion forums and found that some other people are having exactly the same problems and all belonged to my country pakistan . Yesterday night a strange idea poped into my head i turned off my DSL and connected with another internet connection .......... OH .......Whats That ........ every thing was just fine i could open up my dashboard and could easily make changes in my blog .......wasn't that a relief .


  • In such a large networks like blogger for example its very much possible and almost natural to have such errors and mishaps from time to time so its absolutely necessary to keep a backup of your blog and your pictures in your hard drive and i think it would be a very good idea to keep a copy on a CD too" God forbid what if some thing goes wrong in your hard drive". Making a back up is not difficult at all, from your dashboard go to settings page and hit the export blog and then click download blog in this way all the content of your blog including the comments will be saved in your hard drive.
  • the other thing i realized in these few days is that i am almost addicted to my blog and i missed my bloggy friends like any thing .Thank God i didn't have to wait too long to have my blog back and i am back with my friends again thanks to blogger and my DSL IP who resolved this issue quickly and now i can work on my blog with any connection .

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am showing off on blue cricket design

oooooooooooooooooooo yeeeeesssss i am sooooo happy today as i am the lucky one who got selected to be the guest blogger on the wonderful blog "Blue Cricket design" run by Becca

You can find my full "Corn husk flower" tutorial on blue cricket design .

Monday, June 14, 2010

Triangle corner table runner,tutorial

This is a super easy project and it will hardly take 40 minutes to compleate

OK now first thing is first ,select a thick fabric for the top and a matching lining for bottom part, decide about the length and width of the runner according to the size of your dining table and cut a rectangle out of the main fabric and the lining.

measure the exact width of the rectangle.

Now fold one corner of the remaining fabric in such a way that it forms a triangle and the base of the triangle should be exactly the same as the width of the runner.

Cut out this double folded triangle and open it up.

You will get a square, cut this square on the diagonal middle fold line

and you will get two triangles that would be having the base equal to the width of your runner

now pin the triangles to the sides of the runner (write sides together)and sew them up

after joining the triangles to the sides of the rectagle runner iron the seems open and give them a top stitch.

Do exactly the same with the lining part and dont forget to give a top stich on the lining joint too.

Now your runer and your lining should look some thing like this

put the lining over the main fabric (right sides together )pin them up and stitch them around the three sides

leave one side of a triangle open to turn the inside out.

Once the inside is out iron and fold the edges of the opening and close it by a top stitch ,continue this top stitch all around the table runner to give it a more stable look, thats it your runner is all ready .

check out the tutorial about the matching rectangular fabric mats.

i am linking this tutorial to following link parties .


Creations by Kara

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

packet of joy found on road....!

A few days ago on our way back to home after picking up my elder daughter from school we saw this little baby walking on the side of the road and my daughters were instently head over heals in love with it and my car was full of such sounds"awwww so cute" "awww"' mama can we take him home ,"OOOO mama please please please" , i will be a good girl and i will do my studies very nicly" see it might die all alone hear" after five minutes i surrendered in front of my daughters and my temptation to help the lost puppy , i turned my car around and went near it . Khadija just couldn't wait to get out of the car and bring this little puppy in .

after 5 minutes drive we were at home ,the first thing we did was we gave her a warm bath and then fed her. As we found it in our own colony so i called every house around but no one seems to own him she is probably some stray dog's baby and in our city we don't have any animal shelters so i decided to keep her for a while until we find another home for JOY ..... Yes we named her joy as her arrival made us all so happy and my daughters just love to play with it for hours .....But i am trying to instill this in their minds that we have joy only for a while ,when she grows up a little and when we find a good home for her she will leave, so that my daughters are mentally prepared for it .I know we all just cant help to get attached with her but we have to do whats good for joy and our family ,we already have Sasha a grown up Dobber man and she is extremely possessive about her territory and i really fear that if she see joy she has the full tendency to kill it so we have to keep her indoors away from her sight ........lets pray we find a good home for joy

joy in my Lap :)


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