Tuesday, June 29, 2010

very basic fabric Table mats

well hears the tutorial of the very basic matching table mats with the triangle corner table runner as promised

material needed
  • thick fabric for the top
  • coordinating colored fabric for lining
  • sowing machine

first of all cut two rectangles equal in size ,one from the main fabric and other from the lining material.
put the lining over the main fabric (right sides together )and stitch all around the four sides leaving a 3 inch wide slit on one side,

using this slit turn the inside out

now is the time to close the 3 inch wide opening ,for that we will turn the edges of the slit inside and iron it to form a false seem

now give a top stitch all around the four sides of the table mat this would close the slit and also give the mat a more stable look .You can follow the same instructions to make oval ,square or ever round fabric mats .That's it ... all done !

hears the final look :) hope you love it as much as i do
if you are interested the tutotrial of triangle corner table runner (placed in the middle of the table in the picture above)then click hear


  1. Basic, but very effective. Beautiful!

  2. Stopping from SITS! I love your fabric choice.

  3. Those are so pretty! You're very talented. I always intend to start sewing projects, but I'm lazy about it. You inspire me though. Salaam. ;)

  4. Lovely fabric. I love a simple project. Thanks for stopping by Cook Clean Craft!

  5. I could maybe do this! Love it. I have an award for you BTW: http://www.anyasroom.com/2010/07/anyas-first-award.html

  6. thank you every one for the lovely comments

  7. Dear,

    I have to say that you're really so so great!Thanks for such sharing~

    Chinese Painting

  8. thank you 1204233361 i am obliged :)


i am anxiously waiting for your comments :)


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