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Tweety in Dough Guest post

Good day readers of arts crafts n hobbies ,Today i am very happy to host my first Guest post by a very creative young Pakistani Crafter "Fairy "lets see what she has brought for us !

Hi !thanks for having me here at arts crafts n hobbies I am fairy and moderator of I like to make inexpensive things look fabulous! It is possible to make your home fancy and beautiful with out spending much.I love to do glass painting, pot decoration flower making ,landscape painting nylon flower making. I am delighted to be Guest here! I hope you will check out my site and be inspired to create something of your own!

Baby tweety’’

You will need:
1. Italian dough in yellow, orange and black colors
2. roller and pin
3. German white glue
4. scissor
5. red tiny bow


First of all, you have to cook Italian dough and keep it cool and use it after one day ,then knead it well and divide it into three portions, add yellow oil paint in dough and knead it well with hands
until mix completely, then add a drop of orange oil paint in small amount of dough and knead it well then add small amount of black oil paint in some dough and mix it well.If you dont know how to make Italian dough then click here for the recipe


Take some portion of yellow dough and make a ball with your hands its size should be about 2 cm this will make tweety,s head. For the body make an oval shape with your hands using a large portion of yellow dough ,its size should be about 4 cm.


To make the eyes take small amount of black dough and shape it like a tiny balls , make two small balls in same size .these are our tweety's eyes. Let them dry.For the beak cut a diamond shape from the orange flattened dough (shown in the 3rd picture)

Now flatten yellow and orange dough with the roller to make the wings feet and beak of tweety!


Cut flatten yellow dough shape it like a wing with the scissor,make two wings of the same size.


For the feet cut orange flatten dough into small circle of about 1 cm and then shape them zigzag on one side .make a pair of these .

Now the fun begins ,glue the head of the tweety on top of the oval and stick the ribbon and the bow in such a way that it covers the joint of head and body.Stick a feather on top of the head and place the eyes and beak on their right spots.
Put some glue on wings and stick them to the body's left and right side . Paste feet one by one and let them dry completely,and finally your handmade baby tweety bird is ready to be given as a gift to your loving kids / friends .

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feel free to share your comments and suggestions with fairy @


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  1. thnx anita nd kasthuri rajam 4 liking my tutorial

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  3. Your pictures are so pretty! I like the second one down a lot. The leaf is such a beautiful color!


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