Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reuse your favorite dried up nail polish

i am a nail polish maniac and love to collect different shades of nail polish but i often come up with the problem of dried up or thickened nail polish which means its no longer usable and it just used to ache my heart to through away almost a full dried bottle but ladies here comes the good news now you can reuse your collected beauties.


  • if your nail polish has thickened to the extent that its getting difficult to spread over and it leaves a rough texture on the nails then the tip is to just dip your nail polish bottle into a cup of warm water for half an hour and.... TADAAAA the magic just happened your nail polish is back to normal .
  • If your nail polish has dried a little more then a thickened state then just add a few drops of Thinner into your bottle and shake it well it will be back to normal .

TIP :always bye small bottles of nail polish having little quantity in side them in this way you will use them up before they have a chance to get dried .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

repair your broken lipstick


ooooooooo yes this was a great problem for me too! once ,but now this kind of an accident don't even put a look of slight worry on my face.... thanks to my mom who gave me this tip.There are plenty of occasions when one of our favorite and some times a brand new lipstick gets broken and then we are in deep trouble we can not even through it and using it is also a big mess so ladies here comes the SOLUTION

Its very simple just heat both the parts of your lipstick at the same time on the flame of a candle for a few seconds .Its very important to heat both the ends at the same time other wise the bond will not be a strong one.

when you see the ends melting quickly bond the two parts together with medium force now let the bond cool down for may be half an hour, remove the uneven edges of the bond.

Once again the day was saved by Creativity.

Monday, February 15, 2010

home made skim milk

I think all the ladies who are mothers very well understand the nutritious value of milk and how important it is to be taken in daily routine specially by the girls and ladies of all the ages,as females are more prone to osteoporosis (low density fragile bones) due to the process of lactation so girls make a promise to your selves that you will drink at least two to three glasses of milk every day don't worry about the fat content of milk as today i will tell you a very easy method to make cheap hygienic home made skimmed milk ,

To skim the milk that is to remove the fat content from the milk all you need is good quality fresh milk boil it on high heat and then lower the heat and let it simmer for 5 to 10 minutes on slow heat then let the milk cool down, when it is equal to room temperature refrigerate it for 10 to 12 hours.After refrigeration you will notice that a thick layer of fresh cream is covering the liquid content of the milk this is the fat content remove this layer carefully with a spoon then strain the milk from a fine sieve to remove any residual cream ......there your home made fat free milk is ready to drink to give you all the calcium and nutrition of milk with out making you fat .....have a healthy life.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

even potatoes have hearts

Happy Valentine's day every one, today when i entered the kitchen with an aim in my mind to make some french fries for my daughter i had a very sweet surprise ,while selecting the potatoes for fries from the potato bin I found a heart shaped potato well not very regular in shape but it does resemble a heart .
The thought that came into my mind while looking at this miracle of nature was that how u perceive things totally depends on your mood and whats going on in your mind .In the spirit of the celebrations for valentine's day thinking and deciding gifts for my hubby and daughters i discovered a heart shaped potato which other wise i might not even have noticed and probably the poor thing would have been converted into some crispy fries with out been recognized but now thanks to the love in air ... its immortal as the whole world will see it as some thing more then a potato (lets hope the whole world will read my blog some day and the prayers of THE POTATO will be heard) :-) have a nice and happy day every body .

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

free printable valentine day cards

Happy February every one, thinking of celebrating the valentines day in a great way....but! still have to buy gifts and cards.......
Don't worry arts craft and hobbies have solved this problem of yours .Select one of these beautiful cards and print them for free

A shaded colors card

a magnificent red rose card


A beautiful abstract pattern card


colorful hearts card

If you want to add a personal touch to your cards then take a print of this patten and color it your self use markers, crayons ,water or oil colors ....what ever pleases your heart.............

To take a print of these cards just click on the pattern of your choice to see a large image, adjust the size in the printing window and give the print command. Be creative


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